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Keep your business and customers updated in real-time

SmoothWebLifeTV cloud based digital signage software was developed in response to the needs of business owners to capture customers’ attention to provide helpful information. We use a combination of text, images, video, YouTube, WordPress Blog Posts, Twitter and Instagram integrated on high-definition digital displays.

Digital Signage Rink/Arena Schedule
Digital Signage Rink/Arena Schedule
SmoothWebLifeTV Digital Signage Schedules Menus and Promotions

SmoothWebLifeTV Cloud Based Digital Signage Services

Our automated software helps you display schedules to keep your visitors and staff and content organized. We also help you display content from all your channels, such as your website, social media, RSS, and any REST API(content from other sites and services).

We create custom solutions that fit your needs.

SmoothWebLifeTV Digital Signage Schedule Program Interface

Schedules for Facilities

Elevate visitor experience by effectively organizing them through the display of programs, event schedule, and promotional offers at your facility.

SmoothWebLifeTV Arena Digital Signage Signage Schedule and Events | Meeting Room Schedule Display Software

Schedules for Rinks & Arena

Organize your visitors by displaying your arena/rink schedule with promotions and events, making your facility easier to use

Digital Signage Community Centres and Libraries

Community Centre & Library

Display all your facility sales, policy, upcoming events, holiday hours to keep your visitors and customers informed and entertained

Digital Signage Menuboard Solution for Elysium Beauty Clinic by SmoothwebLife TV

Retail Store Promotions

Tell your story and keep your visitors and customers informed on all store sales, news reports, holiday hours, and special promotions

SmoothWebLifeTV Digital Signage Schedules Menus and Promotions

Reviews from our digital signage users

We are committed to providing customer service and continually updating our cloud-based digital signage software services.

Cloud Based Digital Signage for the City of Toronto'd Bill Bolton Arena

We love the service and have been working spectacularly this past season. We put up a whiteboard beside it in case of any interruptions but we haven’t needed to use it once! 

Thanks for all your non-stop work on improving the schedule system & menu and keeping it working for us!!!

Cloud Based Digital Signage for the Town of East Gwillimbury

Ryan has been great to work with; from initial ideas to finished product, the process has been stress-free and enjoyable. He brings a great wealth of knowledge and creativity to the table and is always willing to listen and make changes to better suit our needs. Ryan helped us develop a dressing room allocation program for our arena as well as digital advertising TVs for some of our Community Centres.

SmoothWebLifeTV Digital Signage Schedules Menus and Promotions

Digital Signage Content Creation Portfolio

Media content that we have created for digital signage and for broadcast television