SmoothWebLifeTV Menu Conversion

Digital Signage Restaurant Menu Conversion by SmoothWebLifeTV

The digital signage restaurant menu conversion services was developed in response to the needs of store owner to publish store information without the monthly plan or extra features.  The only required is to display the menu!

Below will explain how our solution works, what is required and cost.


We setup your pc using either a windows hdmi stick or a Raspberry PI or an old computer, if you have one. Your pc will always load your menu on startup. You can update your menu by overwriting the file on the desktop.

As a result, you are free to delivery a digital signage experience to your customer without any monthly cost or unwanted features.

However, if you do require dynamic data such as a news feed or want to load multiple pieces of content then try our SmoothWebLifeTV Menu Board system.

Increase your store’s accessibility

Deliver relevant information to your visitors using digital signage, when and where they need it most

How it works

We help you display your menu on a high definition display

  1. Purchase and mount your television in your desired location. 42″ or higher
  2. Purchase your pc; we will give recommendations
  3. Email us your menu or have us create one for you at an additional cost
    If you do not have the file to your menu, we can scan your existing menu at no additional cost
  4. We will setup and load your menu to autoplay fullscreen on startup; every time!
  5. Update your menu by replacing the image on the desktop with the same filename

That’s it! We turned your menu into a Digital Signage Kiosk!

Benefits to the store or facility

Digital signage has a multitude of benefits not just related to the technology but to the store brand itself. As a result of having this technology installed into your store or facility, both local and non-local visitors will see that you have a lot to offer in the areas of technology, promotions, social activities and current events.

Having a digital screen allows you to update your content without the overhead of reprinting.

More benefits to using SmoothWebLifeTV Digital Signage Menuboard Service

  • Grabbing your customer’s attention with bright beautiful menu to influence their decision to buy.
  • Having a constant & consistent visual reminder of your services will benefit both staff and visitors.
  • Ability to change content immediately.
  • Displaying your relevant company data is certain to help modernize your business.
  • It’s engaging therefore, it decreases perceived wait times by keeping your visitors engaged.

Remember, it’s digital, the quality of the menu will never degrade and it looks fantastic forever!

SmoothWebLifeTV’s Digital Signage Restaurant Menu Conversion Pricing

Purchasing and mounting of television and small PC is the responsibility of the store or facility.
However, we do make recommendations to make it a simple process.

*Pricing may be subject to change.

What it cost

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