SmoothWebLifeTV Menuboard

Digital Signage Menu board for Retail Stores by SmoothWebLifeTV

We developed digital signage menu board system for retail stores because of the needs of the store owner to publish store information. This includes: product menu, news and promotions integrated on digital displays.

As a result, the store owner and its manager have a communication tool and platform that is reliable and easy to use.

Below will explain how our solution works, what is required and cost.


This robust software automatically updates each area (a, b, c, d) independently and an interval set by the stire manager or employees. Additionally, updates to the content are instant and can be made on any device with an internet connection. Simply login into the SmoothWebLifeTV’s network and make your changes on the go. As a result, you are freed from the desk and can manage your scheduled content from anywhere and at time.

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SmoothWebLifeTV’s Digital Signage Menu Board – Most Recent Installation Videos

If you want to video more installation video, please click the link below.

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Why is digital signage important for your store?

Deliver relevant information to your visitors using digital signage, when and where they need it most

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It is very simple to manage the digital signage media kiosk because the store manager or staff would simply login to our content management website with a secure username and password. Then they will be directed to a forms page where they would have the ability to update the schedule of content, ticker messages and store information.

We can customize our technology to suit your operational needs because we want to make sure it works the way you want it to. Furthermore, you can preschedule unlimited events, promotions and general content consisting of images and video.

Our digital signage menu board product has a multitude of benefits not just related to the technology but to the store brand itself. As a result of having this technology installed into your store or facility, both local and non-local visitors will see that you have a lot to offer in the areas of technology, promotions, social activities and current events.

Having a digital screen allows you to have more content in the same space because the content can change moment by moment.

  • Grabbing your customer’s attention with images and video for the purpose of influencing their decision to buy
  • Having a constant & consistent visual reminder of your promotions and services to generate curiosity
  • Ability to change content immediately means you are in total control
  • Displaying your relevant company data is certain to help modernize your business
  • It’s engaging therefore, it decreases perceived wait times by keeping your visitors engaged.

Only the store manager and operators can make changes to your digital display tv which means your data is safe and secured.

Staff can be assigned their own login and specific roles and/or admin privileges to maintain a separation of concerns. For instance, staff 1 can edit the news while staff 2 can add digital content such as images and video to the event section.

Digital Signage works for best with businesses that have a physical location. Your business might not be on the list but that’s okay. It’ll work for you, too!

SmoothWebLifeTV Menuboard | How it works
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Get set up with SmoothWebLife Digital Signage in 10 simple steps

Once you have purchased the pc and mounted your television, it will take approximately 3 to 5 business days or less to complete.

  • Discuss your needs/issues and come with a solution

  • Create account, sign service agreement and setup payment so you can begin to manage the account

  • Order your pc from Amazon to be shipped to our address or use your existing windows pc

  • You purchase or use existing television and mount or place monitor on the counter
  • We design your layout that matches the look and feel of your business
  • Submit your existing content either developed by your graphic designer or hire us to create content for you

  • Train you how to use the system to manage your content so you can feel confident

  • Once your pc has arrived at our location, we will set it up with our player software and mail it to you

  • When it arrives, connect it to the TV

  • We run tests to make sure everything is working and looks great!

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SmoothWebLifeTV’s Digital Signage Menu board Package and Pricing

Purchasing and mounting of television and small PC is the responsibility of the store or facility.
However, we do make recommendations to make it a simple process.

*Pricing may be subject to change.

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