Digital Signage Rink / Arena Schedule

Digital Signage Rink Schedule Display Software

Keep your visitors organized and up to date with digital signage rink schedule (dressing room) & events

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Arena Digital Signage Schedule and Events for Sports, Community, Library & Leisure Centres
Arena Digital Signage Schedule and Events for Sports, Community, Library & Leisure Centres

Digital Signage Arena/Rink Schedule Display Software

Introduction to Digital Signage Solutions for Arenas and Rinks

In today’s fast-paced world, facility managers of arenas and rinks face the challenge of effectively communicating schedule changes, reservations, and important announcements. Traditional methods like cork boards and dry-erase boards are no longer sufficient due to their limited space, lack of security, and the constant need for manual updates. This is where our Digital Signage Arena/Rink Schedule Display Software comes into play, offering a modern and efficient solution.

Enhancing Visibility and Productivity with Digital Displays

Transition from outdated analog display systems to our cutting-edge digital signage solutions. SmoothWebLifeTV’s Room Scheduling Software allows for real-time updates, eliminating the need for constant manual adjustments. With cloud-based room booking, scheduling meetings and managing room availability becomes seamless, promoting spontaneous collaboration and increasing overall productivity.

Streamlining Communication and Facility Navigation

Our arena digital signage display screens are not just about displaying schedules. They serve as a comprehensive communication resource, automating the display of schedules, bookings, advertisements, and even social media content. This automation aids visitors in navigating your facility effortlessly. The online management capability ensures that you can update and monitor your displays from any location, at any time, providing a reliable and user-friendly platform for facility communication.

Robust and Flexible Software for Independent Area Updates

The software is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for independent updates of different areas (e.g., A, B, C, D) within your facility. Schedule changes are reflected instantly, and updates can be made from any internet-connected device. Simply log in to the SmoothWebLifeTV network and make your adjustments on the go, ensuring that your displays are always accurate and up-to-date.

Conclusion: Freedom and Security in Schedule Management

In conclusion, our Digital Signage Arena/Rink Schedule Display Software liberates you from the constraints of traditional schedule management. With the ability to securely manage your schedules from anywhere and at any time, you gain peace of mind and the freedom to focus on other important aspects of your facility’s operations.

Online Managing Your Dressing Room Schedule

Easy management of your schedule through our online interface

Digital Signage Schedule Display Software Features

Custom Change room/Dressing room Schedule

There are two ways to create a schedule using our arena digital signage software. The first way allows you to create recurring schedules using the day of the week. Unless you have modifications, your schedule will display every week. The second way, are individual schedules that allow you to pre-date your singular booking.

You have the ability to manage multiple rinks and locations in the same area.

Similar to our community center board display screen, you have the ability to upload images, videos (mp4), text news, and YouTube to display digital advertising, promotions, and upcoming events.

Additionally, you can integrate your Instagram for images and videos, Twitter’s text feed in the news area, and if available your website’s RSS feed or WordPress blog headlines into your news feed.

Connect to Instagram

Integrating with your business’s Instagram is as easy as signing into your account. Once you authorize SmoothWebLifeTV your 20 latest images and videos will download and every content from then on.

Multiple Staff Members

Security and organization are important considerations for any company. Therefore, you are able to create new staff members and assignment specific roles which lock each user to specific tasks such as uploading content or administering the schedule. You are also able to create additional admin users who have access to everything such as changing company address and adding and deleting other users.


We update our weather widget icons and background color to match your brand’s colors.

99.99% Uptime

Internet is always fluctuating due to many reasons such as poor signal or interference from other equipment. Therefore, we have designed our scheduling display system to download content and play it locally. This means if the internet goes out, your content will still be available and new content automatically downloads and plays once the internet connection returns.

Hall Booking & Conference Room Scheduling Display

Similar to the changeroom schedule you are able to display conference room and meeting room schedule bookings. This app generally shows Room, Group, and Time. However, since this is custom software fields can be added or deleted upon request. Our conference room displays are easy to use and designed to be readable and attractive.

Other uses for our Scheduling App

  • Gym Schedule
  • Party Room Schedule
  • Calendar Appointments
  • Calendar of Events display screen

Customization Options

We customize the colors and functionality of the schedule app to suit your business needs. You might need an extra field or support for multiple locations on a single schedule. Whatever it might be we are always here to help.

SmoothWebLifeTV Digital Signage Arena/Rink Schedule - Call 647-706-9612
SmoothWebLifeTV Digital Signage Arena/Rink Schedule - Call 647-706-9612

Digital Signage Arena / Rink Schedule Installation Videos

Deliver relevant information & rink schedule to your visitors using digital signage, when and where they need it most

Some commonly asked questions regarding our digital signage meeting room schedule service

If we didn’t answer your question then please send us an email and we will promply get back to you

How does your arena schedule display software work2022-08-18T20:02:55+00:00

To manage the digital signage rink/arena schedule, the facility manager would simply log in to our content management website with a secure username and password. After which, they will be directed to a forms page where they would have the ability to update the schedule, ticker messages, and facility or town information.

In addition, we can customize our technology to suit your operational schedule because we want to make sure it works the way you want it to.

Finally, the rink/arena schedule is spread over 10 rows and will rotate an unlimited number of pages. This means you can preschedule all your daily bookings and handle an unlimited number of ice pads.

Benefits to using Digital Signage over cork board2022-08-18T20:02:35+00:00
  • Grabbing your customer’s attention with images and videos to influence their decision to register for your programs and events.
  • Having a constant & consistent visual reminder of your events and services will benefit both staff and visitors.
  • Ability to change content immediately.
  • Displaying your relevant company data is certain to help modernize your business.
  • It’s engaging therefore, it decreases perceived wait times by keeping your visitors engaged.
  • Display digital information like autogenerate charts and statistics
  • Display calendar appointments
Benefits using Digital Signage over Whiteboard2022-08-18T20:02:14+00:00
  • Grabbing your customer’s attention with images and videos to influence their decision to register for your programs and events.
  • Having a constant & consistent visual reminder of your events and services will benefit both staff and visitors.
  • Ability to change content immediately.
  • Displaying your relevant company data is certain to help modernize your business.
  • It’s engaging therefore, it decreases perceived wait times by keeping your visitors engaged.
What happens to the digital signage meeting room schedule if the internet goes out2022-08-18T20:01:18+00:00

Our digital signage software downloads all content from the internet and plays locally. The current content continues to play even if the internet goes out. The system downloads new content when the internet returns. In conclusion, we pretty much have a 99.99% uptime.

How long does it take to setup the digital signage2022-06-24T14:35:25+00:00

The speed of your software setup depends on how much hardware you already have. To set up digital signage, all you need is a computer and a tv, we do the rest. The time it takes to acquire a pc, television, and to mount it plus our software determines how long it takes to get going.

Have a look below to determine how long your setup will take.

I already have all the physical setup, I just need the software.

If you already have a television set up with a computer then setting up your online account and installing our software takes less than an hour.

I have a television but no computer

If you have a TV but don’t have a PC then the time it takes for order and delivery plus installation. If bought through Amazon, it usually takes about 3 days for delivery.

How does your software handle security & multiple users2022-04-29T15:26:13+00:00

Only the facility manager and operators can make changes to your digital signage software. Therefore, your data is secured from those who want to make changes to the assignments.

Staff can be assigned specific roles and/or admin privileges to maintain a separation of concerns. For instance, staff 1 can edit the schedule, staff 2 can edit the news, and staff 3 can add digital content such as images and video to the event section.

Benefits of Digital Signage to the Town and Facility2021-08-25T22:37:27+00:00
  • You are able to instantly share information with your visitors ranging from promotions, navigation, or events.
  • The design of your digital signage display will match the look and feel of your brand.
  • Recycle your efforts by Automating all your business data such as your blog posts, Twitter and Instagram all in one place; your tv.
  • It looks cool, it’s informative, and people like it!
Benefit of Digital Signage Schedule to the Town and Facility2021-08-25T20:01:25+00:00

Our digital signage rink/arena schedule and events product have a multitude of benefits not just related to the technology but to the Town and/or Facility brand itself. As a result of using our technology in your facility or rink, both local and non-local visitors will see that you have a lot to offer in the areas of technology, social activities, and current events.

In conclusion, using a digital screen over a whiteboard is preferable because it allows you to have more content in the same space; as the content can change moment by moment.

Can we have multiple logins2021-08-23T15:06:47+00:00

Yes. You can create other “admin” accounts with your initial account. You also have the ability to lock users down to specific parts of the screen. For example, one staff member can manage the schedule, while another manages promotional content (images & video) and the last one just creates text feeds.

What if I have multiple rinks in the same location2021-08-23T15:06:36+00:00

Our software and design allows you to display your schedule of several rinks. Each rink field is colour code and titled for separation.

Please refer to the image below:

SmoothWebLifeTV DIgital Schedule and Events

SmoothWebLifeTV DIgital Schedule and Events

Digital Signage Meeting Room Schedule Display Software by SmoothWebLifeTV

Get set up with Digital Signage in 5 simple steps

Once you have purchased the pc and mounted your television, it will take approximately 30 minutes or less to complete.

  • Discuss needs/issues and find solution
  • Create account, sign agreement, set up payment
  • Use existing or purchase small form factor PC and TV

  • Training on managing content and change room schedule

  • Run tests to ensure everything works and looks good

Cloud Based Digital Signage Rink / Arena Schedule & Events Package

What it does

  • Display Meeting Room Schedule, Dressing Room Allocations, Gym & Hall Booking, Events & Promotions based on date and time
  • Display Logo and Clock
  • WordPress Blog Feed
  • Type your own news feed
  • Instagram Posts and Reels

What you get

  • Client Access Area
  • Professional Design
  • Media Player Software Installation
  • Layout Design
  • Technical Support
  • Training/Consulting

What you need

  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • 42”+ LED Monitor or TV
  • Small PC
    (HDMI PC)

Contact Us

    Book Demo

    Purchasing and mounting of television and small PC is the responsibility of the store or facility.
    However, we do make recommendations to make it a simple process.

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