Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solutions

We put your content right in front of your customers

Delivering relevant, targeted information to your customers at your place of business. SmoothWebLifeTV can help you reach customers with a customized solution delivered on high-impact displays. Display products, scheduling, and multimedia promotional content to influence your customer’s buying decision.

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Display Sales and Promotions

Video, animation, and interactivity will always win out in a battle for our attention over any other medium. Only a real-life person, a sales associate is superior. Even better when armed with the capabilities of SmoothWebLifeTV.

Digital Signage Menu Board

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Service and Booking Schedule

Imagine setting your meeting or dressing room allocation schedule days, weeks, months, or even years in advance. With the ability to add, edit and delete schedules from any internet-connected device such as your phone. This works great with WordPress  Blog feed and Promotions.

Digital Signage Rink Schedule

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Menu Board

The beautiful crisp and clear menu entices the palette, engages emotions with video, and product inquiries. As your ideas spark, you can make it live in all your stores with a click of a button.

Digital Signage Store Menu

Digital Signage | Internal Analytics Data Feed

Internal Analytics Data Feed

Maybe you want to display key statistics that keep your production on-time and efficient.

  • Filled and unfilled orders
  • Current Sales

  • Goals for the day
  • Stats from other stores and locations
  • Shrink Levels
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Display WordPress Posts

Post once and it appears everywhere. We love automation and you will too. We hook up your WordPress Website posts and custom post types to your screens’ text data feed for complete automation and marketing synchronization.

Digital Signage Survey

Story Telling / Survey

We can create an interactive story that leads the user with a simple interface. You can either tell a story with pictures, video, and a next button or you can go a step further and include a survey that presents the results at the end. Once completed you can either have the interface automatically reset or capture the user’s information for marketing and sales purposes.

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Price and Product Lookup

A  simple product search that gives your customers instant information on any product they wish to learn more about and buy. Remember you are using SmoothWebLifeTV, this means you can include videos that support your closing efforts. Imagine your customer scans a product for pricing information and in the description is a short sales video made by the top sales associate for that product. Let the best do what they do best. Sell… and then replicate them lol

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Event Registration and Information

You can generate additional income by inviting your visitors to register for:

  • Workshops

  • Mailing list / Newsletter / Deals

  • Emailed Themselves Product Information

  • Product Launch

  • Training

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Wayfinder or Digital Directory

We will create a simple custom directory that specifically suits your business needs and requirements. You are able to add, edit and delete directory items allowing you total control which enables you to instantly serve your customers’ ever-changing demands.

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Corporate Communications

Managing multiple locations isn’t an easy task even for the seasoned professional. Our tool, SmoothWebLifeTV, will allow you to communicate text and multimedia information to all your locations worldwide.

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Staff Communication

Keep your staff updated on various areas of your business from any remote area.

  • Sales Incentives

  • Employee Recognition and Awards

  • New Products

  • Training

  • Promote Healthy Competition

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Custom Solution

Every business is unique and we are powered by web designers and programmers that build custom solutions on a daily basis. Let SmoothWebLifeTV help you create a custom solution that helps you increase sales and productivity.

Increase Sales and Productivity

We are the world’s most reliable multimedia company that deliver professional quality service and design that sells.